Management Committee

The Group is run by the Management Committee which makes decisions and carries out administrative tasks to ensure that the best quality programme can be delivered to member companies.

The Management Committee is made up of 4 exec. and up to 4 non-exec. positions, each with a term of 2 years. These are Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary & Treasurer. Non-exec positions can include: Minute Secretary, Membership Development, Special Events Coordinator.

Election to the management committee occurs at the AGM in March. Members wishing to be considered for a position must submit their request a minimum of one month prior to the AGM.

Committee members must represent a fully paid up member company and must be committed to furthering the groups goals and objectives.

Committee members are expected to encourage new members to attend group meetings. Committee members are expected to identify potential replacements to the roles in which they are elected. Members should be encouraged to step into the roles and given the opportunity to shadow the position so they understand the requirements.

At retiral, the outgoing committee member must provide a handover to the incoming member. The outgoing committee member must maintain attendance at group meetings until the end of the current session to allow any questions or issues to be addressed swiftly.