Behavioural Safety

SHEF(S) are pleased to welcome Quentin Emery from Ryder Marsh. Quentin has worked as a Consultant with Ryder Marsh for the past 3 years. His background is in Leadership and Management Development, where he has over 11 years experience. Quentin has an MBA from Glasgow Caledonian University and has also worked as a trainer trainer as well as facilitating large conferences.

In his work with Ryder Marsh he has delivered numerous events on Behavioral Safety for customers such as BAE Systems, Tarmac and Enterprise. He also undertakes assessments to help companies determine their Safety Culture and works with them to improve it.

Ryder Marsh is a a multi-disciplinary team of psychologists, leadership,safety and human factor consultants, specialising in the development of safety culture and injury free organisations. Formed in 1993, Ryder Marsh is considered today, to be leaders in the field of organisational safety performance.