Preparing for Scotland’s biggest post-devolution change in environmental legislation

In 11 months’ time all businesses and organisations in Scotland will face huge changes in the way they are permitted to managed their resources and waste. Recycling will no longer be an optional ‘nice to do’ but, will become a legal obligation. On the 20th of February,find out from Robbie Weir of Zero Waste Scotland how the new Waste (Scotland) Regulations will impact you, your customers and your suppliers at this seminar aimed specifically at the needs of SHE professionals.

Robbie Weir is Zero Waste Scotland’s programme manager for support provided to SME businesses. Over the last five years he has managed the Envirowise Scotland programme and later Zero Waste Scotland’s first business support programme. He was involved in the development of the Scottish Government’s ‘Zero Waste Plan’ and helped formulate the Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012. He is an active member of Scotland’s 2020 climate change group, helping businesses to mobilise and adapt to deal with the consequences of climate change. Robbie regularly speaks to business and government audiences on waste and resource management issues and the global threats to raw materials supply arising from unsustainable economic growth. Prior to taking over the running of the Envirowise programme in 2007, Robbie was an officer in the British Army’s Royal Logistic Corps serving in the UK and overseas, particularly in the Balkans. Robbie is a keen canoeist and regularly organises groups of fellow paddlers to help clean up rivers and lochs across Scotland.