Ageing Workforce with IIRSM

SGWS are thrilled to welcome Jim Tassell to speak on the Ageing Workforce at our joint event with IIRSM on the 14th November at 2pm.

Jim has had a varied and extensive career in safety. He reluctantly admits to having worked in enforcement, operational and strategic safety roles for over 40 years. These have included HSE Inspector, safety consultant and safety manager for a major retailer. For the past few years he has been back in Glasgow trying, not always successfully, to slow down.

Jim will draw on his extensive experience and the findings of a substantial enquiry that he carried out before looking to the implications of current employment trends. The latest provisional annual statistics on fatalities show that older workers are disproportionately vulnerable at work, with 55 fatalities among the over 60s making up 40% of the total, while this group represents only 10% of the workforce. Jim will look at the benefits of a strong work ethic, reliability, experience and reliability in older workers, how adapting job design for older workers and the role of workplace design benefits employers and employees. He will examine occupational health strategies that focus on the promotion of health & well-being and how to deal with resistance to perceived “interference” from older workers.

The location for our meeting has moved within West College Scotland, please go to the Abercorn Conference Centre, Seminar Room 4. 

This meeting was broadcast live on our Facebook page, the recording is available to replay. 

Ageing Workforce Nov 2018 (456 downloads)

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