SGWS’ Chair Alan Gunn Appointed Treasurer of Safety Groups UK

Alan Gunn elected Treasurer of SGUK

This month our Chair, Alan Gunn, was elected as Treasurer of Safety Groups UK. Congratulations to Alan!

Safety Groups UK, established in 1947, is the coordinating body for over 70 Occupational Health and Safety Groups throughout the UK. A registered charity, it’s mission is “To promote heath and safety by supporting a thriving network of health and safety Groups”.

Each local Groups promotes awareness and shares experience on how to manage health and safety risks in the workplace. Even though the UK is a global leader in workplace health and safety, SGUK recognises that much can still be done to reduce the number of workplace fatalities (144 last year), deaths from Occupational related diseases (over 13,000) and work-related driving (over 500), not to mention the associated economic impact.

Unlike other membership organisations, the Company is the member, so anyone can attend a meeting if the subject is of interest. If you’re based in the West of Scotland why not join us! You can find your local Group on the Safety Groups website.