Building Personal Resilience

Building Personal Resilience

On the 10th April at 2pm in Room 2, Abercorn Conference Centre, West College Scotland, Jessica Smyrl of YSM Solutions spoke on Building Personal Resilience.

Why do some people appear to adapt to stressful situations better than others? Why do some recover from adverse experiences when others don’t, and cope with high work demands more successfully? And why do some seem to deal better with change?

This is the topic of resilience. Learning to adapt by looking after your own resilience will put you in a position to help others.

In this meeting you will gain an understanding of what resilience is and the impact of pressure, stress and performance. Consider risks and overview of building personal resilience and performance as well as tools and techniques to help you become more resilient and enable you to deal with challenges and setbacks.

Jessica Smyrl is the founder of YSM Solutions a training and consultancy firm based in Glasgow with a focus on stress risk, personal and leadership development. She has a background in healthcare and was a nurse, midwife and senior manager in the NHS and she also worked in the private sector in North Africa. She is able to bring her medical background to her presentations along with up-to-date research. She is also the author of Feel Great: Learn how to Manage Stress and Enjoy Life and Stress Management for Carers.

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