SCoS Conference 2019 – Improving Workplace Mental Health

SCoS Conference

In place of our usually meeting, SGWS members will be attending the SCoS Conference on October 30th at The Lighthouse. Health & Safety professionals from across Scotland will gather at The Lighthouse in Glasgow for an exceptional conference focused on improving the mental health of our workplaces. Featuring a keynote address from Martin Temple, Chair of HSE, and speakers from SAMH, Suzy Lamplugh Trust, Healthy Working Lives, Grangemouth Contractors Safety Alliance & BAE Systems.

We all know some days are good and some are bad. Negative thoughts, unwelcome comments, intrusive thought patterns, confusion. They lead to stress, anxiety, and depression which leads to other mental health problems if they are not recognised, diagnosed or treated in time. Speaking up and seeking help, and receiving it from people who care, is one key to a better future.

As an employee, take action, however small, and improve your life at work or prevent stress developing in the first place. Learn to recognise stress in the work environment and have a conversation with your employer about it.

As an employer, create positive policies on disability and equality at work and take a more positive view of mental health problems, which means employees can be open about issues and reduces the risk of something horrible happening.

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